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Bachelor and Master Theses

Bachelor Theses

Master Theses

Assignment of Topics

Anytime (after consultation with the supervisor)

Anytime (after consultation with the supervisor)

Time frame

8 weeks

22 weeks


At our institute, we supervise bachelor theses as well as master theses. Students can start their thesis at any time of the semester and arrange topics in our fields of research based on the current topics for theses listed below. Students can suggest own research ideas that fit our fields of research without guarantee that we can supervise and accept their proposals (see below). We expect a high scientific standard. For formatting information please consult the style guide.

Bachelor Theses:

We expect all candidates for bachelor theses at our institute to participate in the seminar course Leadership & Organization (Hauptseminar). The content of the seminar is important to write a thesis at our institute. Students who completed this seminar course are sure to being able to write their bachelor thesis at ILO. 

Master Theses:

There are no additional prerequisites to apply for a master thesis.


Please send your applications 2-3 weeks (master thesis 3-4 weeks) before the desired starting date. Applications should include a grade sheet (Kontoauszug), the planned starting date (e.g., 01.04.19), the examination regulations ("Prüfungsordnung" e.g., PStO 2015), and a short description of the fields of interest (2-3 topics from the list below). For general questions regarding theses and applications please contact Dr. Rouven Kanitz (kanitz(at) 

Proposals and collaboration with companies

Students may suggest topics that fit our fields of research. Students should prepare a short proposal description (max. one page) on the topic including the research idea, the research motivation, and the method/data collection opportunities (e.g., qualitative or quantitative) when applying for supervision. We are also open to supervise theses in collaboration with companies. However, there is no guarantee that we can supervise the suggested topics. 

Fields of research:

Please also see for a description of current research areas and projects.

Leading People: Leadership and Teamwork, Trust and Intercultural Collaboration, Multi-Teaming and New Forms of Collaboration, Stress and Coping, Resilience and Learning from Failure

Leading Innovation: Innovation Team Agility, Thematic Thinking and Opportunity Recognition, Idea Creation and Selection, Leading Innovation Projects, Innovation under Constraints, Sustainable Innovation

Leading Organizations: Organizational Agility and Strategy Execution, Change Management & Organizational Transformation, Inter-organizational Collaboration, Dispersed/Virtual Organizations

Current Topics for Bachelor Theses:



Themes and theoretical foundations in team identity research (in inno/NPD teams)

- What is team identity and which theories are used to explain it?
- What are antecedents and outcomes to team identity?
- Who are key actors shaping team identity?

Literature study

Changing the way we do change research: How qualitative research emerged and influenced the field of change management

- How do qualitative studies differ from quantitative studies in their theoretical, contextual, and content-related orientation?
- What are potential advantages and disadvantages of more qualitative study designs compared to quantitative ones?
- How does the emergence of more qualitative studies influence the research field on organizational change?

Literature study

Mediating and boundary-spanning in organizational behavior research

What is the current status quo regarding research on boundary-spanning or mediating in organizational contexts?
- find and synthesize the literatur on mediating and boundary-spanning in regard to national and/or cultural diversity
- create a comprehensive conceptual model
- critically reflect the extant research and derive a future research agenda
- potential focus on the team-level of analysis

Literature study

The use of management and organization theories in the context of climate change

- Why can global challenges such as climate change be characterized as managerial/organizational problems?
- How has existing literature used management/organization theories for the context of climate change?
- How can collaborative research be turned into actionable insights, and what are promising directions for future research?

Literature study

Bridging the gap between theory and practice: The role of management research for organizational change practice

- Emergent debate on producing both scientifically rigorous but also practically relevant research
- Qualitative study (need to conduct interviews) on closing the gap between findings from research studying organizational change implementation and actual change successes in organizational reality
- What are potential causes and possible solutions for closing this gap between "knowing and doing"?

Empirical study

Shared mental models in teams

- Work through current state of research: What are shared mental models and how do they affect relevant team outcomes?
- Analyse quantitative data provided by institute with software package SPSS
- Discuss the results with regard to the current state of research

Empirical study

Multiple team membership - Implications for team mental models

- Work through current state of research: How does multiple team membership affect teams
- Analyse quantitative data provided by the ILO with software package SPSS
- Discuss the results with regard to the current state of research

Empirical study

Unlocking the potential of functionally diverse teams: A literature review on integration and coordination mechanisms

What does current research tell us on how to coordinate teams and manage integration across different functions?
- find and synthesize the literatur on integration and coordination mechanisms in cross-functional teams
- critically reflect on the effectiveness of these mechanisms, as well as the benefits and challenges of managing functionally diverse teams

Literature study


Current Topics for Master Theses:



The methodological and theoretical foundations of research on multinational/-cultural individuals and teams Literature study/ Content analysis
Better innovations for a better society? A study on the involvement of different actors in innovation processes for sustainable developement Qualitative study
Individual and team factors driving successful collaboration in agile teams Quantitative study